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      Founded in Hunan innovative approaches to promote the application demonstration bases

      source:Original    time:2016-03-18     Pageviews:4680

      March 11, Hunan Science and Technology Innovation Method Research Yu Jianhua, director of innovation and development of a line by the Ministry invited to visit the company exchanges, Liu Yi, general manager, operations director Xu Zhonghua and middle cadres of the Young Front and in-depth talks. Hunan Science and Technology Innovation Research Methods The main purpose of this trip is to co-build "innovative approach to promote the use of Hunan Province demonstration bases - Branch electrical station," the two sides 232 held a grand ceremony in the conference room, I also become Yueyang the first official awarding companies.
      Hunan innovative approach to promote the use of demonstration bases - after Branch Electric station was set up, the company will drive innovation into a new dimension, more convenient to learn from and the introduction of the latest research results and application experience in technical innovation process, accelerate theoretical study and promote the use of innovative approaches to jobs.

      Innovation and Development will work closely with the Department of Hunan Province Technology Innovation Method will strive to build a base with innovative ways to promote the use of the characteristics and advantages of the Division, to provide reference for the province to other exemplary independent innovation, to achieve innovation-driven development to make more big contribution.

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